#123: Tommy Wood

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Host Brad Kearns welcomes Dr. Tommy Wood, Chief Medical Officer for NourishBalanceThrive.com, back to the show for a recap of Brad’s NourishBalanceThrive.com comprehensive health and peak performance biochemical testing. Listen to the first show with Dr. Tommy to get a sense of what his cutting-edge consultation program is all about. Brad agreed to be a guinea pig and have his results detailed on the show for the benefit of listeners interested in the nuances of peak performance testing. Surprisingly, although Brad claims to eat at the highest standard of primal/keto and observe healthy exercise, sleep and stress management practices, there were an assortment of deficiencies and concerns revealed in the blood, urine, stool and saliva testing that Brad underwent. Dr. Tommy explains that every single athlete they have tested–even top professionals–have abnormalities that can be addressed through diet, supplementation, and training modification. In particular, gut health issues are extremely common, which can contribute to further nutritional deficiencies. 

Dr. Tommy offered the thought-provoking insight that Brad’s immersion into keto eating lowered his appetite to the extent that he maybe wasn’t consuming sufficient calories to support performance and recovery with his ambitious fitness/athletic endeavors. Brad agreed to experiment with increased caloric intake, with a morning nutrient-dense green smoothie being the centerpiece, and assess results over the ensuing weeks. Tune in a for a separate show about Brad’s increased caloric intake experiment and the favorable results. You can visit NourishBalanceThrive.com and do a free self-assessment quiz to see what they are all about. 

Brad talks about alarming results from the testing protocols he participated in with Tommy Wood’s Nourish, Balance, Thrive program. [00:01:06] 

How harmful are plastics in our environment?  [00:05:57] 

How do low-carb and keto diets affect the thyroid function? [00:09:45] 

How does the program work? What does the participant learn about him/herself? [00:13:17] 

Did antibiotics contribute to Brad’s problems? [00:16:35]

Instead of fasting, what might be more important for a person who is trying to be primal? Are we supposed to be counting calories? [00:18:45] 

Is it important to look at what time of day we eat our meals?  [00:23:39] 

We hear about how wonderful fasting is. Even if you feel fine fasting, is it the best thing? [00:27:22] 

How can one reduce excess body fat? [00:29:05] 

When people are signed up with this individualized program, their contact with it is ongoing, at no further cost. [00:31:06] 

There are some training patterns that are bad for people. [00:37:24] 

For the listeners to consider their goals of competition or longevity, what is the right way to achieve them? [00:40:42] 


Dr. Rhonda Patrick


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