#122: End of Season Rest Season

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Host Brad Kearns talks about the importance of taking a break both physically and mentally from the grind of the competitive season. A physical break is essential to rebalance the body from the prolonged production of stress hormones resulting from the many hours on the road as well as juggling workouts around a full calendar of life obligations. Use the extra time in the off-season to nurture other hobbies or attend to matters that have been neglected during the competitive season. Remember that the effects of detraining are profound, but that you can regain your fitness in a very short time. When you emerge from a proper break period, you can then enter a period where you focus on complementary skills such as flexibility, mobility, and strength training. Vary things up a bit instead of just being obsessed with getting your odometer spinning again at the start of the season!

Why is a complete rest period at the end of the season so important? [00:01:03] 

What is “de-training?” Can one recover after rest? [00:05:36] 

What about weight gain? [00:10:36] 

How can one disengage from the mentality of competition? [00:11:22] 

What should one do when they are not training or competing? [00:13:18] 

Endurance athletes feel most comfortable when they are in a state of overtraining. [00:20:32] 

If you have a sore throat or your immune system is a little bit off, completely pull the plug on exercise. [00:24:47] 

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