#118: Strength Training with Lindsay Taylor

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This week Lindsay helps athletes sort out questions about how to strength train while still following Primal Endurance recommendations, and she answers the burning question: Do I need an aerobic base if I’m not a competitive athlete? (Spoiler alert: yes!!) Plus stretching, elevation training, and more!

The question is: Are the benefits of building an aerobic base worth it for athletes that only have modest endurance goals?  [00:01:38] 

Would I ruin the purpose of an aerobic base-building block by adding in some lift heavy things? [00:04:18] 

David, age 49 asks: Don’t you lose strength that you’ve built up when you stop strength training for a period of time? [00:10:05] 

Diane (29) from Bulgaria: She is training for her first ironman.  How can she build up her strength in the water portion of her workouts? What about rubber band training? [00:14:07] 

Also a question about stretching.  What are the recommendations about what kinds of stretches are best as well as when is the best time to stretch?  [00:18:12] 

Here’s a question from a person who is planning to train for a 100 K ultra that has a massive amount of vertical gain. How is the best way to prepare my body for this? [00:22:34] 


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