115 Things You Need To Know As A Primal Endurance Athlete, Part 5

Welcome to part 5 of a multi-part presentation covering 115 key insights about the Primal Endurance approach, divided into six categories: Aerobic Training, Periodization, Primal Eating, Strength and Sprint Training, Complementary Movement And Lifestyle Practices, and Recovery.

You can access the whole list by downloading a free eBook at PrimalEndurance.fit, and in this episode, I continue down the list by starting with #26 (carb dependency). I talk about the link between leaky gut and extreme endurance training, what happens to your body when you become highly carb-dependent, how the appetite-stimulating properties in processed foods actually cause you to eat a shocking amount of additional calories a day, how to make the transition away from carb dependency easier, how restrictive diets affect your body and performance, and much more! Thanks for listening and stay tuned for part 6.


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