#106: Brad Kearns & Elle Russ (Part.1)

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Primal Blueprint Podcast hostess Elle Russ joins Primal Endurance Podcast host Brad Kearns in Malibu to discuss the release of the long-awaited Primal Endurance Online Mastery Course. This ambitious project is a comprehensive multimedia educational experience that essentially brings the book Primal Endurance to life through videos, eBooks and audio presentations. In this part 1 podcast, Brad and Elle discuss the importance of slowing down to develop an aerobic base and avoiding overstress patterns; the importance of an intuitive approach, instead of a robotic, regimented approach; and how an evolved and pure approach to endurance goals can carry over into peak performance and happiness in all other areas of life. Brad’s online course features over 120 videos covering every aspect of the book content as well as in-depth interviews with many of the world’s leading endurance athletes, coaches, and scientific and medical experts.  All these topics and more are carefully organized in the Primal Endurance online course to give you the most comprehensive education on endurance training ever created. Check it all out at primalendurance.fit (including the introductory discount and special bonus offer).

Brad and Elle talk about the launch of the multimedia digital courses that accompany the Primal Endurance book.  [00:01:26] 

What is Brad’s history and what did he learn from his experience? [00:03:22] 

Why is it bad for you to believe that old paradigm that the more you work your heart, the better it is? [00:11:17] 

What is the biggest challenge in the endurance community? What is it so hard for them to learn? [00:22:05] 

Why is it so hard for people to grasp the message about the diet? [00:26:49] 

Are we carbohydrate dependent? [00:28:25] 

How does one compute their Maximum Aerobic Heart Rate? [00:35:15] 

Brad shares how he has developed a healthier attitude from the lessons he has learned from his competitive years and relates them to handling everyday stressful life.  [00:37:45] 

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