#105: Listener Q&A

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Brad Kearns tackles more interesting Q&A from Primal Endurance podcast listeners and book readers. Submit your questions at www.primalblueprint.com/endurance and they will get covered on the air. Some recurring themes are coming through with many questioners. While the questions relate to the specific needs of the individual, the answers are presented in a manner that applies to a broad audience. Listen and enjoy learning about the challenges and successes of your endurance peers, and come away with plenty of practical tips to help improve your training and competitive results.

Let’s talk about the proper running form. Adam has a problem with his left calf and Achilles. Is this because he is being required to run much slower because of his training methods?  And another runner asks if his running style is causing injuries? [00:02:00] 

Matias in Germany is asking about sprinting. How often should one be sprinting? [00:08:07] 

Isn’t it contradictory to say on one hand you promise better performance with strictly aerobic training and even emphasize the dangers of chronic cardio and on the other hand you recommend intensity weeks? What are some guidelines for intensity workouts? [00:17:35] 


Tim Defrancesco


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