#103: Lindsay Taylor Listener Q&A on Fueling

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Lindsay Taylor is the host of today’s listener Q&A show and will not be rapping at the beginning of the show. She will be answering questions about fueling that come in from listeners.

If you want to be fat adapted, it doesn’t mean you have to be totally anti-carb. [00:01:54]

If you choose to fuel, does that mean you are not fat-adapted? [00:06:07]

From Danielle: What do you suggest for training and racing fuel? [00:07:24]

What does “trickle in carbohydrates” mean? [00:08:42]

What type of real food can be use during events? [00:11:14]

It is a terrible idea to change your fueling strategy just before an event. [00:15:50]

From David: We are a group running a long run race with four different legs, and we want to know the best fuel to bring with us. [00:17:10]

There are good primal friendly bread recipes so you can still carry sandwiches. [00:18:41]

From Carl: Are there any food recommendations for some primal foods I can take for my long trek on the Appalacian Trail? Most of the dehydrated foods available are “fat free” which does not go with the primal diet.

And Scott asks a similar question for his solo bike-packing trip. What can I use in addition to Almond Butter and MCT for fueling on my long trip? [00:20:58]

Don’t MCT oil and coconut oil cause some people digestive distress? [00:24:35]


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