#23: Aaron Olson

Host Brad Kearns welcomes Aaron Olson, the popular host of the Paleo Runner Podcast, to the show to discuss Aaron’s new book, Low Mileage Running. The book is “a short guide to running faster, injury free.” Aaron details his injury-riddled running career as a high school and college competitor, as he struggled to thrive doing the traditional high mileage programs.



Frustrated with repeated injuries, Aaron tried cutting out junk mileage but keeping high intensity workouts and including extra rest in his schedule. He discovered that his injuries went away and he ran even faster than before. Aaron believes in an intuitive approach instead of following a rigid schedule. Perform those intense workouts when you feel strong and you skip them if other stressors are present in your life or you simply don’t feel your best during the session.



Aaron’s Paleo Runner podcast expertly blends the worlds of endurance running and paleo eating and living. Aaron became a convert to paleo after a lifelong struggle with IBS that subsided almost as soon as he started to ditch toxic modern foods and adopt a paleo eating strategy. Check out his podcast on iTunes or through his blog paleorunner.org.


Show notes:


  • The book Low-Mileage Running came about after Aaron sustained some injuries. [00:01:31] 


  • Most often we read that injuries come from intensity. Is this true?  [00:02:41] 


  • How does the intuitive approach after workouts help in recovery? [00:07:05] 


  • Aaron, who has had years of experience as a runner, has talked about his own training. What about the novice runner? [00:08:05] 


  • How does one decide what kind of workout to do? [00:12:57] 


  • What’s the focus of Aaron’s podcast? [00:16:32] 


  • How are the endurance and paleo communities blending together? [00:18:03] 


  • What about body composition? [00:21:20] 


  • What are safe starches? How do you determine which carbs are okay? [00:22:55] 


  • How do you select guests for your podcasts? [00:24:13] 


  • What is Brad and Mark’s solution to doing too much training or not enough? [00:26:59] 


  • What happens to one’s training schedule during the off-season? [00:28:49] 



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